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online complaint from a client

Posted on May 29, 2019 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (6)
Recently I was made aware of a complaint made by one of three brothers that I advised on the selling of their aunt’s furnishings. The complaint states that I did not fulfil his expectations.  Our agreement was that for a reduce fee, solely based upon time spent in the condo, I would meet all three of them at the condo that belongs to their aunt and verbally advise them of the methods and possible outcome of the proposed sale.  It was agreed that no written document was to be prepared by LeBeau Appraisal Service.  At our meeting I stated that the furniture would be very difficult to sell as it had no value bases upon age, designer origin. The following day I sent the proposed e-mail that contained the contact of one of brothers to the auction gallery and received an acknowledging response from the gallery
Now one of the brothers accuses me of not doing as I said I would do and uses unflattering language to characterize my business practices.  And other one wants a written report.
I require an apology from both and a removal of his online comments!